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Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that the care they deliver is safe, compassionate and of the highest quality.

This is why our compliance is top notch to ensure that only highly skilled and experienced workers are provided to our clients to complement their teams and ensure therapeutic and recovery focused care are delivered to each patient or service user as an individual.

Bring vision and insight to empower and give you support . All our healthcare workers are our concern. We provide flexibility and a trust-worthy place of work with a human touch. We do our best to look after our staff at all levels and we find that the trust we place in them radiates out into their workplaces so that they can provide the highest level of care .

This relationship with our unique skills and knowledge, allows our candidates to build professional and trusted relationships. It is not uncommon for our Managers to talk with our staff, understand their issues and address them in the best way and deal with any controversy.

As a result we too expect all our candidates to deliver the highest level of service and care when on location as our staff are LRG’s main representative to the public.